A different personalized learning experience

We offer an innovative language learning experience that helps you stay up-to-date with current trends and media tools in face-to-face courses and distance learning (eLearning and conversation systems). Each class is designed to respond to your current needs and interests so as to improve your listening, comprehension and speaking skills with practical uses of the English language.

Our bilingual professionals facilitate communication with interaction techniques that foster participation; each lesson is designed to focus on the language constructs and use of expressions, which are relevant to the learner: in business, social, travel, professional and personal and professional development frames.

Do you need to distinguish the different elements of discourse in English? This will be accomplished while respecting your personal traits. We facilitate the learning of the correct pronunciation, together with useful communication skills working with small groups or individually.

We produce and coordinate brainstorming sessions to design and develop creative ideas and digital applications. We work bilingually to assist you and your teams with producing and giving presentations or preparing for an event or conference.

Partnering with expert providers of eLearning technology we complement the courses with innovative and entertaining materials that are personalized on a daily basis following your own needs and the evolution of the learning experience.