Google money?

Today it’s Google’s 13th birthday and they are celebrating it with a special GoogleDoodle.

The Washington Post is paying a tributeto our little teenager” saying that had they known this birthday was coming up they would have baked a cake … (after Googling the recipe). They’ve posted a clip with a collection of Google Doodles celebrating past birthdays. “Today, Google is one of the most influential companies worldwide” and it’s just a teenager. Google got the Príncipe de Asturias some years ago for their contribution to the development of global information and communication.  Now it seems they are also trying to change the way we humans deal with wallets and money expressed in paper notes, credit cards, tokens and coins.

Notice all the things that have changed and converged with the emergence of the internet: cinema, photography, journalism, telecommunications, TV, video, news and show business, games and entertainment, to name a few closely related to the information and communication that we now call technologies. We have moved from pencil to print to digital and we have moved from coins and paper notes to paper checks and credit cards in the days of plastic.

Information that was previously framed in paintings, print and images became known as audiovisual during the last century and was soon renamed as multimedia with the evolution of computers and peripherals converging with broadband and telecommunications.  It only took a decade or so to see external drives evolve to support data aggregation from bytes to terabytes and at the same time we went from tape to CDs and from pen drives to just “the cloud“.

During the last decade or so we’ve also learned how to use VOIP (voice over IP as in skype, google talk or other), WebTV and have learned to expect Live Web TV streaming from different sources of news and events. A lot of this has become common practice nowadays if you just have access to the broadband technology that is increasingly going main stream for anything related to information and communication. Why would money and the way we handle payments in cash be any different? Are they not information?

The tokens we use for parking, transportation and access to many devices might be a thing of the past pretty soon,  just like phone booths became a collectors’ piece in a little over a decade. How long do you think it might take Google and others this time to bring the Google wallet (and similar artifacts using NFC or other) onmain stream? But let’s remember that new media”experts” had also informed in the ’90s that Microsoft‘s software empire was going to take over much of the information and communication arena including the daily news. (Negroponte dixit) And yet, plenty of newspapers and other media and advertising industries were able to re-mediate their business model fast enough to get their necks above the water, ride the waves and keep going.