face-to-face and virtual, digital learning environments

personalized courses, individual and group dynamics development; problem resolution and pragmatics of communication, social networks and evolving media

who benefit from our training and consultancy

independent professionals and companies, researchers, leaders and teams develop their skills with our informational approach to language using digital tools

bilingual professional track record in English and Spanish

extensive experience in education, in schools and universities, and corporate business in a variety of industry sectors, local SMEs and global companies

a personalized and participatory approach

practical learning and case studies; we introduce useful and meaningful knowledge in  new projects, in guiding a new career path, in work, study, and personal development

language and uses    communication pragmatics

observing (how)  ↔  realizing (what)   considering actions (intervention)

i) native business English: communication, international trade, training and consultancy (speaking at events, presentations, negotiation, intervention in groups)

develop your language skills, listening, comprehension and speaking with fluency through practice, identifying the different elements of speech and discourse; we facilitate pronunciation improvements and more effective communication

ii) digital tools and consultancy: internet, apps and evolving media

project coordination and group dynamics, brainstorming and creative presentation of ideas; design for internet, cloud applications and mobile apps


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