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Agenda Digital

Hace unos años leímos que algún representante del partido que gobernaba España buscaba “ordenar internet”; por suerte la ocurrencia del personaje (era una diputada en la UE creo…) pasó a la historia como una idea de una persona algo desinformada. Hoy leemos que España tiene una “Agenda Digital” y hay elementos que nos atraen bastante, así […]

Google money?

Today it’s Google’s 13th birthday and they are celebrating it with a special GoogleDoodle. The Washington Post is paying a tribute “to our little teenager” saying that had they known this birthday was coming up they would have baked a cake … (after Googling the recipe). They’ve posted a clip with a collection of Google […]

On language and tennis

“… much that is universal about language concerns universals of common experiences, which occur after birth.  Those universals are due, not just to what we are born with , but also to universals of experience that depend on common environmental factors. They include universals of the conceptual poles of grammatical constructions, universals of spatial relations, […]

Making information beautiful

Direct Link to the video: BBC Newsnight: Information Graphics This BBC broadcast from August 9, 2010, looks into the art of making information beautiful, and poses the question: How do you make statistics look interesting? The writer and designer David McCandless replies: “you just need to apply the rules of visual design to information“… Is […]