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Google money?

Today it’s Google’s 13th birthday and they are celebrating it with a special GoogleDoodle. The Washington Post is paying a tribute “to our little teenager” saying that had they known this birthday was coming up they would have baked a cake … (after Googling the recipe). They’ve posted a clip with a collection of Google […]

Interconnected systems

Great that the LSE now has a YouTube Channel. So we can re-post one of their most recent public lectures we’ve been using in class:  Tim Harford sharing some of his amazing research and ideas on “preventing financial meltdowns”. He uncovers common elements and questions of design and contingency planning (or the lack of it) […]

Making information beautiful

Direct Link to the video: BBC Newsnight: Information Graphics This BBC broadcast from August 9, 2010, looks into the art of making information beautiful, and poses the question: How do you make statistics look interesting? The writer and designer David McCandless replies: “you just need to apply the rules of visual design to information“… Is […]