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Learning that matters

Watch the clip “The Essence of Connected Learning” about what matters and what not in learning… It seems we have lost track with the human natural traits of curiosity, inquiry and learning per se and have complacently learned to rely on massively standardized systems. And we have “learned” to rely on political parties that promote […]

Interconnected systems

Great that the LSE now has a YouTube Channel. So we can re-post one of their most recent public lectures we’ve been using in class:  Tim Harford sharing some of his amazing research and ideas on “preventing financial meltdowns”. He uncovers common elements and questions of design and contingency planning (or the lack of it) […]

Making information beautiful

Direct Link to the video: BBC Newsnight: Information Graphics This BBC broadcast from August 9, 2010, looks into the art of making information beautiful, and poses the question: How do you make statistics look interesting? The writer and designer David McCandless replies: “you just need to apply the rules of visual design to information“… Is […]